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April 9, 2007

At long last, the CSGI results

A while back I told you that we had taken the Catholic Spiritual Gifts Inventory. Bill, one of our RCIA instructors, told us he'd have the results of them the following week. Certain circumstances intervened, and only as we checked in with our instructors about twenty minutes prior to the Easter Vigil Mass (a couple weeks late) were we each given a manila envelope with our individual results.

While it wasn't intended for us to wait this long, the timing of it actually had a cool kind of "Mission: Impossible" feel to it ("Your mission, should you choose to accept it"), only without the self-destructing tape player — or sort of like military people receiving their deployment orders as they graduate from boot camp.

Either way, inside my envelope was my score sheet listing the 24 charisms as defined by the Inventory, with my highest scores highlighted. The scores range from 0 to 15, with 15 being a very strong charism, and 0 being a nearly non-existent charism. Only scores of 11 or higher were highlighted. Attached to the score sheet were short explanations of each of my high-scoring charisms, followed by suggested places around our parish where these could be put to use.

Here are the charisms as listed on the score sheet (high scorers are bolded):

  1. Administration
  2. Celibacy
  3. Craftsmanship
  4. Discernment of Spirits
  5. Encouragement (11)
  6. Evangelism
  7. Faith (11)
  8. Giving
  9. Healing
  10. Helps
  11. Hospitality
  12. Intercessory Prayer
  13. Knowledge (14)
  14. Leadership (11)
  15. Mercy
  16. Missionary
  17. Music (13)
  18. Pastoring
  19. Prophecy
  20. Service
  21. Teaching (13)
  22. Voluntary Poverty
  23. Wisdom
  24. Writing (15)
The options are wide open. I wonder what I'll try first ...